WCCV || webcam computer vision

Alexandre R.J. François

The webcam computer vision (WCCV) project focuses on computer vision algorithms and systems that follow the web cam paradigm: cheap, robust and efficient. It will comprise designs, patterns, cross-platform code, tutorials and examples. The project leverages the Software Architecture for Immersipresence (SAI) framework for the design of modular systems that perform asynchronous parallel processing of generic data streams. The code leverages the open source Modular Flow Scheduling Middleware (MFSM, mfsm.SourceForge.net), an architectural middleware that implements the architectural abstractions defined by the SAI style. WCCV emphasizes education through hands-on tutorials and fully developed example applications.

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OpenCV based demonstrations

The demonstrations listed here use Intel's Open Computer Vision Library


CAMSHIFT experiments


MFSM || Modular Flow Scheduling Middleware

MFSM is an architectural middleware implementing the architectural abstractions defined by the SAI style for design, analysis and implementation of complex integrated systems involving distributed asynchronous processing of generic data streams. The project comprises cross-platform foundation classes, modules, examples and tutorials. mfsm.sourceforge.net

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